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July 17th to August 8th 2021
Application for GBS and AEMS Summer Universities are now open!

Early bird discount: Apply before April 1st and save up to 10%!

The Green.Building.Solutions. (GBS, 7 ECTS) is an international summer university specialized on first-hand ecological knowledge and engineering expertise, taking place in Vienna. The program deals with the ecological, economic, technical and social aspects of green building and construction. Participants deepen their knowledge in passive house planning, sustainable urban development, new energy technologies, innovative architecture and ecological design together with Austrian experts. Equaling 7 ECTS-Points, the 3-weeks-course offers lectures, practical workshops and excursions to best practice examples. A group design project aims to incorporate the gained knowledge.

Application for GBS 2021 in Vienna from July 17 to August 8 has already started! Apply here.

Early bird discount: Apply before April 1st and save up to 10%!

More information on that special offer here.

Our second program, the Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS, 5 ECTS) summer school is open to motivated applicants from all fields of study and focuses on alternatives to the economic status quo. The international participants deal with limits of growth and learn why a drastic system change is necessary to stabilize the world climate at 1.5°C. This year, there will be an additional focus on possible solutions to the financial crisis triggered by Covid-19. AEMS 2021 will take place July 19 to August 6 - registration is already open. Apply here.

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